Binghamton_University_State_University_of_New_York_logo_(7) CoreTrac technology has been developed over the past three years in the Clinical Science and Engineering Research Center (CSERC) at Binghamton University under the supervision of Dr. Ken McLeod, with sponsorship by the SUNY Strategic Partnership for Industrial Resurgence (SPIR) and Sonostics Inc.
Physioinnovation Physioinnovation is a Sport Performance Consulting company specialized in Bike Fitting, Virtual Sports coaching & High-End Training camps in the Alps. Physioinnovation is our strategic partner in Europe that provides constant customer feedback and guidance.
5198_sonostics3 Sonostics employs proprietary technology to non-invasively measure muscle function as a means to address poorly-served chronic conditions whose cause is inadequate muscle activity.
 DPC Center for athletic development, sports cardiology and medicine, high altitude physiology research facility.
elabNYC logo ELabNYC creates a local platform for the next generation of life sciences and healthcare technology entrepreneurs in NYC. ELabNYC program accelerates the development of our technology into a successful businesses.