Why continuous cardiac monitoring is important?

In healthcare, continuous cardiac monitoring provides information regards our cardiac system over time. We spent most of our time sitting at a known environment were cardiac parameters may differ at a clinic after moving around, trying to make the appointment on time. As we spend extensive amount of time at a sitting or resting position the cardiac system adapts and readings are different over time compared to the reading at a clinic.

In the athletic world, cardiac output is a true measure of energy expenditure and therefore fitness level. Monitoring cardiac output continuously provide better information regards athlete response to training and condition, before, during, and after competitions.

What is cardiac output?
Cardiac Output (CO) refers to the volume of blood pumped by the heart each minute. It is the product of the stroke volume and heart rate. Also, it is the sum of all stroke volumes per minute.
What is stroke volume?
Stroke Volume (SV) is defined as left ventricular volume change before ventricular contraction, at the end of the diastolic phase and after ventricular contraction, at the end of the systolic phase.
What is the stroke volume of an average person at rest?At rest, stroke volume is approximated at 70 ml in a healthy 70-kg man.
What is the cardiac output of an average person at rest?At rest, cardiac output is approximated at 5 liters in a healthy 70-kg man.
What controls stroke volume?There are many variables that controls stroke volume: Fitness level , dehydration, food intake, liquid intake, medication intake and more.
Are blood pressure and cardiac output related?Yes, but indirectly and indepently. Blood pressure is controlled by our arteries and veins which is consisted of a smooth muscle and responsible to continually push the blood to our organs and tissue. It is the resistance of this tissue against the cardiac system. Cardiac output is a result of heart contraction (the quantity of blood pushed out per minute) and is required to maintain normal function.
Is heart rate and cardiac output related?Yes, the connection of cardiac output and heart rate is done by the average amount of blood pushed out every contraction (i.e. stroke volume) at a given moment.
For how long during the day will I be able to monitor my cardiac output with the Infrasonic monitor?Current services provide 12 hours of continous monitoring.

Our product is under development and we aime to provide at minimum 24 hours of continuous monitoring.

Will I be able to download my CO data to my personal computer?Yes, we are developing a web platform that will provide the user with functions to upload their data and observe their progress over time.