Problem Statement: By many, cardiac output is the single most important physiologic assessment which can be obtained from a person. However, the current usage rate for cardiac output monitoring is below 1% for those people who can benefit from such monitoring. Current devices are available only in clinical settings and require a clinician on site to perform the measurement. They do not provide portability and ease of use for the general consumer. Moreover their starting price is at $10K. As results heart rate monitoring is very common, but provides nominal cardiac information, which is do not provide good understanding of the individual cardiac system function.
Company Goal: Achieve an ease of cardiac monitoring similar to that which has been achieved for serum glucose monitoring. What once was available only in hospital or research settings will be readily available to the entire community at a faction of current hospital devices.
Solution: ISM is developing a wearable cardiac output monitor based on the chest wall motions CoreTrac, to be available for the entire community. Cardiac output is the amount of blood pumped by the heart in liters per minute. It is the multiplication of heart rate by the heart stroke volume (the amount of blood push out by the heart to the body per contraction). This amount of blood and contraction efficiency is affected by many variables some of which are medication, food, hydration, and fitness level. We provide athletes with real time aerobic/anaerobic state, cardiac/exercise efficiency, and optimal cadence for specific exercises. In healthcare, adjusting medication and following patients are easier, shorter, and cheaper by a factor of ten.